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About Me

My name is Kirsti. I serve coffee, but my occupation is connection. I fell in love with the world at a young age and the Lord filled my spirit with a passion to serve the people around me. So here I am, doing the thing I’ve been created to do. Bringing people under one roof to do life together.
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Chose from some of the best coffee in the world, curated from organic and co-op farms in various regions then locally roasted and packaged in Colorado Springs, Colorado in all compostable packaging!
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Indulge in our organic and loose leaf teas, curated from only the best ingredients and packaged in all recyclable materials in Colorado Springs, Colorado!
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Pair our loose leaf teas and organic whole bean coffee with various essentials to make your experience complete! All products are designed to reduce waste and encourage a better sipping experience.
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& Private Labeling

Step 1 : Fill Out Info Form

Introduction Phase

Tell me a little bit about your brand, your heart and what you want to convey with our partnership! I love getting to know businesses around the world, and I want to showcase your heart in every private label I create!

Step 2 : Schedule a Consult

Creation Phase

Schedule a time to meet with me so we can discuss your vision for this partnership! We will go over all design elements of your brand, so bring your brand standard guide and any logos/images you would like to be on the label. If you have an in-house graphic designer, feel free to provide me with the design to add to your private label!

Step 3 : Prototype

Production Phase

Once I have an idea of your design, I will create a prototype for you! Once it is to your liking, we can move forward with the production phase! I would plan a month from Inception to Production so plan accordingly!
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Let's Talk Sustainability

Ethically Sourced

All coffee has been hand selected from various co-op farms all around the world to not only find the best possible tasting bean, but to give back to the community that it derives from.

Organically Processed

Each community has a different way of process the coffee bean after harvesting, but all processing methods are free of chemical washes allowing the bean to stay as organic as possible.

Locally Roasted

From the farmer, our coffee then travels to the roaster. Located here in Colorado Springs, our roaster Copper Fox Coffee Roasters takes the utmost care to artfully roast each region of bean to the perfect temperature.

Compostable Packaging

Once roasted, all coffee is packaged in fully compostable packaging to then send out to our consumers!

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Special Events


Whether you’re planning a morning wedding or an evening corporate party, this partnership with Sugarmoon Mobile Bar Co is a match made in Heaven! We offer a mobile coffee bar that is hands down going to set your special event apart from the other guys in town! Inquire below if we can make your boujee party dreams a reality.

Multiple vendoRs

We partner with a variety of small businesses, from Happy Hour Donuts to Pikes Peak Lemonade. All events can be customized to accommodate multiple vendors within our mobile bar!
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Where to Find Us

Eclectic OCC

2518 W Colorado Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Queens Teapothecary

1704 W Colorado Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Sparkles & Lace Boutique

2150 Garden of the Gods Rd
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Three Arrows Gallery

2605 Larimer St
Denver, CO 80205
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