Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

blonde roast

This world-renowned favorite Yirgacheffe, a town located in south-central Ethiopia, is widely known around the world as the birthplace of coffee. This African blend of 100% Arabica whole beans is distinguished for its balanced and fragrant aroma and its dark chocolate cherry notes.

Whole Bean | 1/2 lb | 20

Ethically Sourced

All coffee has been hand selected from various co-op farms all around the world to not only find the best possible tasting bean, but to give back to the community that it derives from.

Organically Sourced

Each community has a different way of processing the coffee bean after harvesting, but all processing methods are free of chemical washes allowing the bean to stay as organic as possible.

Locally Roasted

From the farmer, our coffee then travels to the roaster. Located here in Colorado Springs, our roaster Copper Fox Coffee Roasters takes the utmost care to artfully roast each region of bean to the perfect temperature.

Compostable Packaging

Once roasted, all coffee is packaged in fully compostable packaging to then send out to our consumers!
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