The dream of a little girl on the beaches of Florida is coming to life in the mountains of Colorado.

Born and raised in Colorado then transplanted to the sunshine state, I knew I would always come back. It was just a matter of when. I knew I always wanted to be apart of something bigger than myself. Something that mattered. When I moved to the Springs, the outpouring of love and community was overwhelming. The introduction into the world of entrepreneurship and small business was early on into my move here, as I was helping my brother open up his practice; True North Chiropractic. We marketed to every corner of the state, meeting people of every background. I met my to-be roaster, CopperFox Coffee Roasters along with a huge small business support system I loved immediately.

That community grew and so did my interaction with them, growing my love for the passion of this city. I saw the potential of something grand. COVID hit and I saw the community come together more than ever before, supporting one another in a time of crisis. I knew it was time. Time to break free and do what I was made to do. So the Sleepy Turtle Coffee Co was born.

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