Bless the Bus

When turtles are born, they are hatched from an egg. That egg is quite literally a barrier from the comfort they once knew to the terrifying unknown of what lie outside of that thin shell. The very act of breaking through that shell builds an endurance and a stamina that will be with the turtles for the remainder of their lives. Once through that thin, yet strong shell; their next task is to follow the light of the moon into the ocean to ultimately find their purpose in this world.

When I was a young girl, I grew up on the beaches of Melbourne, Florida. I used to stay up until the early hours of the morning to watch gigantic Leatherback Sea Turtles bury hundreds of eggs in the same nest every year. Months later, I would go to that very nest and watch those babies fight for their lives as they attempted to make their way to the sea.

I bring that endurance and dedication into my life as I pave the way for something different here in the Springs. COVID 19 has caused people all over the world to stop and reconsider what really matters. The Sleepy Turtle Coffee Co is an opportunity to break the chains of isolation this pandemic has caused, and allows for friendships to be forged in unique circumstances.

Before the construction and modification of the bus began, I wanted friends and family from near and far to pray over the purpose of the bus. This is a community effort, and I wanted the people of Colorado Springs to be apart of the production in every essence of that word. I hosted a fully CDC compliant Bless the Bus event where people came, wrote their prayers and well-wishes on the floorboards and panels of the bus. We are one. We are the Sleepy Turtle.